World of Auli


Auli is a concept perfume brand that is driven by creativity, aesthetics and intuition.

Founder and creator of AULI, Aakanksha possess a knack of story-telling since time immortelle. Having been born and brought up in Himalayan Mountains, she has a magical secret. She was raised in a place near Valley of Flowers called AULI which is endowed with more than 500 species of flowering plants and innumerable others. She grew up with those rare herbs and wild flowers that she would crush in her hands so she could smell them longer and tell stories about them. This magical secret of perceiving her world with smells just stayed with her.

She travelled across many countries and places, different sensory universes, equally embraced, became a source of inspiration for parallel and elusive smells. The perfumes she encountered during these journeys became stories and the stories became perfumes. She discovered two things during her journeys- Perfumes tell stories of people, places and emotions and; Stories of people, places and emotions can be translated to perfumes. Auli is a natural progression of all the passion, love and intrigue for scents she carried over the years since her childhood.

At Auli, we create the most unique perfumes for homes and living spaces. Auli offers personal luxury, a luxury that is not common and superficial, but tell stories and make deeper connections.


We’re passionate about our raw material and only use very high quality, rare, exotic and precious ingredients in our perfumes. We always look for authentic and very precise varieties. At times the gorgeousness of compositions lies in the grandeur of ingredients; at times simplicity, at times it’s the synergy and at times it’s just the power of distinctiveness. We’re in love with the gorgeous layered complexity of pure and true natural ingredients that we use in our compositions.
At AULI we strive to source the best essences for our compositions and we believe that exceptional raw material shouldn’t be an exception in home fragrances. Indeed it’s a cardinal rule that we follow and we follow it happily.


We make our perfumes and all other products in our workshop in London. We use traditional techniques and methods that may take several months to create just one perfume. Everything is made by hand in our workshop. Our perfumes go through a long process from conception of idea–translating it into perfume sketches–quest for right raw materials–perfecting the formula- And when we have our final perfume we keep it to mature for several months.

We call our special ceramic ‘ceramico’ as it’s created by our special master craftsmen in Manesis, Valencia, Spain. The town is famous for its century’s old ceramic industry. Our ceramic is especially created to diffuse perfumes. There is a special technique which controls the evaporation and diffusion. The intricate AULI monogram is etched beautifully by the craftsmen in their workshops in Spain.

We’re passionate about everything that makes AULI so special. From the texture of the paper to the bespoke packaging. All our boxes are hand-made in London.