The Notes

Top- Mimosa, Incense, Lemon, Neroli
Middle- Rose absolute, Geranium, Jasmine absolute, Immortelle
Base- Labdanum, Cabrueva, Birch, Tobacco, Cedarwood

The Concept

Per Alfeo is dedicated to a chance encounter with an Italian shoemaker, a connoisseur of leather living in an Italian town. His relentless passion and pursuit of perfection gave birth to the concept of creating a fragrance that is both delicate and intricate at the same time. This is our own interpretation of leather, grounded in woods, tobacco, vanilla and resins. It very delicately swirls around wafts of Immortelle, Mimosa, Jasmine and Rose. A hint of spice and Italian lemon lights it up.

The Story

It was a sunny morning in a sleepy Italian town. She looked at the slice of white in a colourful street, the cracked, ivy covered walls festooned in plentiful bougainvillea curling around green wooden windows. She wondered how these narrow streets looked all so similar, so silent, except the sound of small measuring strokes of hammering and earthen scent of tanned leather, which lead her to a workshop. A man was crafting a shoe like a sculptor carefully sculpts his art object. He was Alfeo, making shoes with his hands, stitch by stitch, nail after nail, she watched a piece of leather undergoing a mesmerising change. Meanwhile wafts of Mimosa softened the immaculate blows and intensified Alfeo’s intricate love affair with leather in his hands. Alfeo told her after every shoe he crafts two dreams come true, his own and one who wear his shoes. She still wear that shoe.