AULI is a concept perfume brand that designs perfume for living spaces.

We treat our perfume as an invisible art of essence that’s why we call AULI an invisible artist.

All our perfumes go through a long journey before taking shape of a candle, interior scent, ceramic or diffuser. Our fragrant compositions come from chance encounters, journeys, experiences, observations, memories, which are then translated into concepts. This is when our perfume is born.

Several sketches are made to interpret and transform these concepts into a perfume. After a lengthy process of contemplating, creating, testing, and contemplating again, our final composition is achieved. The process takes a year. Sometimes more than a year.

We only use high-quality raw materials, the rare, exotic and precious. We’re in love with the gorgeous layered complexity of pure and true natural ingredients that we use in our compositions. We’re passionate about our raw material as these ingredients work as alphabets to translate our stories to perfumes. We follow our hearts and go to lengths to source very specific varieties, ingredients and materials to find exactly what we need to tell these stories. At AULI it’s our quest to find the best essences for our compositions and we believe that exceptional raw material shouldn’t be an exception in home fragrances. Indeed it’s a cardinal rule that we follow.

There’s always a story behind each of our compositions and we love telling those stories through the perfume. These stories also come written in our beautiful accompanying booklets.